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A mini computer system designed to give small businesses the same
technologies as the big guys. This will allow them to be just as efficient
and get things done easier all while consuming the same amount of power as
charging your cell phone.

Our first product to be released by mid Dec of 2017 will be the MiniBox::SMB.
The MiniBox::SMB is a fully capable Small / Medium business appliance.
Upon booting you're ready to
  • Share Files
  • Build your company Intranet
  • Inner-Office Messaging (Also available outside of the office)
  • Inner-Office E-Mail (can also run a full domain for ex.
  • Web Server
  • And More!

  • Other Models:
    The MiniBox::Dev is a system designed to help web developers by providing a home
    based web server. This can easily be transformed into a web appliance and resold to their customers.
    Our primary goal is to help others make money and prosper.

    Donations can be made via PayPal, Bitcoin, or in the form of unused Single Board Computers.
    If you are interested in donating hardware please email donate AT
    These donations will be used to bring the MiniBox::SMB to market.
    Please send all bitcoin donations to 19NFBn2Xzz44uvmdG17RB17kdkouQ7mE9N


    -The MiniBox Team

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